COVID-19 Update

We hope you are all keeping well during these stressful times.

At Dr. Terry Clinic all appointments are going ahead, as per current government guidance, but given the current situation we have decided to reduce the clinic hours.

Please call to make your appointments as usual and we can schedule a mutually convenient time.

See below for some new services that are highly relevant to these difficult days.

Much love and stay safe,

Dr Terry and Team

Coronavirus Tests now available

– These kits work using a blood sample (finger prick)

– The result is available after 15 minutes

– We offer tests in our clinic, home visit (Central London) or kit sent by courier to your address

– In case of kits sent to you, we will take you through the test by online video call

– The service includes full instructions, consultation and discussion of results

Contact us for details and to book

High Dose Vitamin C Infusions and Coronavirus Tests now available

High Dose Vitamin C Infusion – delivered intravenously

Coronavirus Tests – these kits work using a blood sample and result is available after 15 minutes

Contact us for details and to book, we can either see you in the clinic or visit you at home (Central London only)

How can I test for coronavirus?


Integrative Skin & Hormone Specialist

London’s Finest Skin and Hormone Clinic

Integrative Skin & Hormone Specialist

Look and Feel Your Best Inside and Out

Hello there, I’m here to help you look and feel your best with each passing year. Naturally and holistically.

If you’re anything like me, you’re an (in the closet) over-achiever and like to feel in control. You want to matter in this world and want to leave something good behind.

You want to look and feel your best because it gives you confidence to be the best you can be. However with your busy lifestyle and changes to your body with time, it can take a toll on your skin and your hormones.

Let me help you put your best face forward in the world. I can help you achieve beautiful skin inside out and take back control of the way you age with each passing year. Naturally and holistically.

L.N. 23 years old Marketing

Trying to find a good doctor that would put me on the right path to naturally curing my hormonal acne wasn’t easy at all, but once I found Dr. Terry I looked no further. She really took the time to understand me and tailor a plan that perfectly suits me. Now, thanks to her, I have seen incredible improvements to both my face and back in just a matter of months.

M.K. 45 years old marketing manager

A big thank you to Dr Terry because she really has taken years off my face!

The improvement has been significant and everyone has commented how “well rested” I look!

How can I test for coronavirus?



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About Dr Terry

I help women feel confident in their skin and seize the day. One of my favourite quote “A woman’s skin is her business card, it shows up in the world first” – it motivates me to help my patients put their best face forward in the world.

When I was just 30 years old, I had a health scare with early stage cervical cancer, which is why I take a holistic approach to skin health. My skin was at its worst when my gut and health was out of balance, which was causing premature ageing. This has made me appreciate the importance of hormonal balance and nutritional health which I now combine with advanced skin treatments and procedures. By working holistically, my patients achieve better long term results. They not only look but also feel their best with each passing year.

If you would like to discuss your skin’s needs in more depth, you can book a consultation with me by emailing [email protected]. I look forward to connecting with you.