Basic Supplements For Healthy Skin

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Would you like to know which supplements can help improve your skin and health?

We all need a little more help sometimes when it comes to our skin and health and there are many reasons for needing a supplement, but how do you know which ones are best for you?

In this week's video, I explain the basic supplements which help improve certain skin problems and can help with typical health issues such as a lack of Vitamin D (sun!).













Those of us moving into the colder, darker months, sufferers of acne or other skin and health problems, these recommendations may help but please remember to also eat well and accompany any supplements with a good skincare routine.

As always, if you have any questions, please leave a comment, or connect with me via my Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube.  Here's to healthy skin!

Until next time, thanks for watching and see you soon.





Had a total hysterectomy 13 years ago on hrt tablets i do look after my skin but i have noticed my eyes are very dark and bags are appearing and losing alot if elastine please help kind regards sabina

Dr Terry


Hi Sabina, thank you for your question. Dark circles and loss of elasticity can be due to a few things, hormone imbalance as one of them. I would recommend watching a video I did about dark circles under the eyes which may give you some idea what may cause it and what options are there to improve it. Here’s the link. Hope that helps