The Hormonal Acne Solution

Hormonal acne solutionFeel Confident in Your Skin Again!

Are you an adult woman still struggling with acne?

Are you embarrassed, frustrated and have almost given up on your skin?

Does your skin seem to have a mind of its own?

Are you sick and tired of depending on medication that may cause more problems and want a natural solution that works?

Have you given up on products because you just don’t know what works anymore?

With the hormonal acne solution, you will learn what really causes adult acne and what you can do to treat it naturally and feel confident in your skin again.

It’s time to stop hiding!








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In this book, you will learn.....

  • Why adult acne is an increasing problem (even when the industry has spent over $2.9billion to tackle it) and what are the contributing factors.
  • The side effects and complications of common treatments e.g. antibiotics, birth control pills and roaccutane that can cause havoc to your health and more acne in the long term.
  • What specific hormonal imbalances that may be causing your adult acne (and it’s not just testosterone) and how you can find out without expensive doctor’s visits or test.
  • How closely related your skin is to the fluctuations within your body and life.
  • How your environment may be causing havoc to your hormones, thereby increasing your risk to acne and bad skin (and you may not even be aware of it!).
  • Discover what foods commonly cause acne and what foods to eat for beautiful skin (and it’s not all green!)
  • How to balance your hormones naturally without birth control pills so you can win the war against acne but also fatigue, weight gain, brain fog, moodiness and feeling old that comes with it.
  • How to read your skin throughout your cycle so you know what products to use and not to use to prevent breakouts and clear your skin.
  • How to use acne-zapping ingredients and skincare routines so you don’t have to waste any more money on products that do not work.
  • Clue up on available safe treatments for active acne, pigmentation and scars so you know where to invest your hard-earned money wisely if necessary.
  • How to find a good facialist or skin doctor if you need more support so you have someone looking out for your skin and health in the long run.

You will discover.....

  • The 3 causes of Hormonal Acne that you can learn to overcome in the comfort of your home.
  • The 5 common hormonal imbalances that can cause acne and what to do about it.
  • Simple but effective routines to create beautiful skin and hormone supporting habits your life.
  • How to rid your system of the 7 Sneaky Foods that commonly cause acne.
  • What supporting supplements you will need to boost your health, repair your skin and balance your hormones.
  • When to choose natural hormones to treat hormonal imbalances for your skin.
  • How to get your acne skin under control with just 3 skin products.
  • How to pop a spot - the proper way to prevent worsening the problem or creating scars.
  • How to treat an emergency breakout so you can get on your day with confidence.
  • The questions to ask a facialist or doctor before you decide on investing in them.
  • Strategies to manage your critical voices so you can avoid self-sabotaging.


What they say

This really gave me inspiration. Thank you. A good insight in my health and skin. A brilliant guide to better self.

- liva

This is an amazing book that doesn't use medical jargon that you can't understand, but instead speaks to you like a good friend, sister or mother who wants to pass down their wisdom. Having been through the pain of Acne and Roaccutane, I wish this had been around when I was younger.

- Angela Harris

Wow, what an eye opener! This really does all make sense. So pleased that such an insightful and knowledgeable and well-written book on managing acne exists. Everyone who has the condition should buy this.

- Emma Bracey-Wright

The book contains lots of useful information for everyone who is tired of fighting with acne. Dr Terry explains in very easy and funny way the role of hormones in our body and how they effect our skin but also our mood. Her easy and down to earth approach to treat your skin from inside out, makes lots of sense and that is really the only way to treat it as the skin is reflecting everything that is happening inside our body. I love the simplicity of the book as it can be read and understood by anybody at any age therefore the system can be applied. You can feel the passion that Dr Terry has for helping people with their skin problems and helping them to feel beautiful again.


Such a helpful book, easy to read and understand and most of all, feel empowered to take action. Just the job for the mother of teenagers who isn't a stranger to the odd spot herself!G.

- Thomas

Finally a book,,thats actually giving an insight into so many reasons behind acne and helping understanding it , in layman's and fun language, I am definitely passing this on to my teenage daughter , so she too can start understand why those horrible spots come up and how to tackle them both internally and externally and work towards happy ,beautiful skin ! :)

- Minal

This is such a helpful book, and so easy to follow. Everything is explained well and it's obvious that Dr Terry really understands acne and wants to help get to the root cause. It's refreshing to read something by someone who really knows their subject and has practical and easy solutions to help. I highly recommend it!

- Cassandra

Dr Terry has been treating my acne skin for almost 8 months now and although it is a long process, I saw a significant improvement after 2-3 months. ‘The Hormonal Acne Solution’ covers everything we talked about and the actions we took to treat my acne skin.. AND MORE. Dr Terry uses language that is light-hearted and easy to understand. This book is educating, interesting, and packed with valuable information that is easy to find in a logical format. I’ve just downloaded my copy and it is great to have all of Dr Terry’s advice in one place! Highly recommended. And I'd definitely recommend taking advantage of the free Kindle version – only available 24th & 25th June 2014.

- Jessica

7 months ago, I couldn't even touch my face because of acne. Then Dr Terry came along and fixed it all... and here's her recently published book on how to do it. Pass it on to everyone you know with acne!! It's a life-changer.

- J.C.

My skin has never been so good on the Hormonal Acne Program! And it’s only been 3 weeks!

- M.M

Thank YOU Dr Terry! I downloaded the book already! ITS SO GOOD. It covers absolutely everything we talked about (and did!) and more ...and I am SO happy to see food plans It's come at a good time for me because I had a mini breakout at the weekend! Eeek.. You are amazing!!

- xxxx

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