Are you worried you don’t have healthy skin?  Would you like to find out, right now, how:

  • hydrated your skin is?
  • how well you’re ageing?
  • how healthy your skin is?

Then you will like this video.  I created a simple test which I teach my patients to do at home which helps them monitor their skin and see if their skin products are working as effectively as it should.

The Snap, Pinch and Pout test look at the hydration, elasticity and firmness of the skin.  I do this when I assess my patients to decide:

  • which eye creams or serums are best
  • if an eye product will suffice, or if it’s time to consider cosmetic treatments
  • which cosmetic treatments would be the best option for maximum results and minimum side effects

So if you’re ready to check how healthy your skin is, grab a mirror and join me in this week’s video.

Until next time, stay beautiful.

Yours truly,