Do you like researching on all things beauty and wellness related?

Or would you just like some new inspiration on healthy foods, good skincare tips and how best to be happy?

Beauty and wellness blogs are a great resource to tap into.  I love the fact that its so easy these days to create a blog to journal your experiences, your expertise, your passion and to share your knowledge with the world.

Its a way of expressing your opinions on things that matter to you. Its a way of becoming your own detective, journalist, creative director, editor and publisher. Its also a great way to create your community with like-minded people.

There are many blogs out there and each have its unique voice.

Here are a few of my favourite Beauty & Wellness blogs that I follow.  I hope you find inspiration in them too.


Well-to-do London


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The richest weekly edit of London’s health and wellness culture covering the latest in fun fitness classes to new cold-press juice bars popping up in London. If you want to keep posted of upcoming fun wellness events hosted by the likes of LuluLemon e.g. Silent Disco Yoga or sliding down a watery slide in Primrose Hill as one of their coolest new workouts, then you want to get on their list. They also have healthy city guides which points you in the right direction on where to get your organic foods or green juices in cities around the world.  Very helpful!


Being Content 

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If youre into all organic and natural skincare and skin tips, then this blog is a good one to follow. Being Content is actually a store which houses many organic skincare brands and their blog is a great resource for anyone whos new to organic skincare and would like to learn more. They cover personal care, skincare make-up, perfume and products we use in everyday life.


15 minute beauty 

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If you like beauty but dont have time to faff about with skincare or makeup, this is a great blog to follow written by a busy Paediatric Critical Care Doctor in Midwest, USA. I love her humour as shes a busy professional and mum, but she admits being a beauty addict and needs to find beauty that works…fast! Product reviews, makeup tips and how to get your hair ready…quickly is some of the articles she has written. Highly recommended.


The Ambitionista  

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If youre an ambitious, career-minded woman on a mission, this sassy lady got you covered. Originally from Malaysia but have since travelled the globe, Heidi Nazaruddin was formerly a high-flying international investment banker and CEO of a Nasdaq-listed company, she wanted to have a career change and launched her new business in 2013.

With her strong corporate background and platform as a polished style expert, Heidi personally knows the unique challenges and needs of professional, business minded women and she uses the blog as a sounding as a sounding board for those just like her who loves looking good – without compromising their credibility and all the while amplifying their corporate and business strengths through their wardrobe choices.

Expect stylish topics on fashion, travel, success, confidence and tips on how to be more productive and effective.


Get The Gloss 

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Edited by Susannah Taylor and Sarah Vine, Get The Gloss is the UK’s leading online authority in beauty and health, with reviews and expert advice. Makeup videos, Project Bikini and Project Me, it features expert tips on all things beauty, wellness and if you’re into astrology.

And there it is…my favourites for now.


Do you follow any of these already?  If so, let me know why you like them…

Do you have any other recommendations?


Thanks again for reading and hope you find inspiration in these digital nuggets of wisdom.

Until next time, have a beautiful and wellness-focused day.

Yours truly,