I am forever grateful to have so many fantastic clients, seeing them through their journey to better skin and health. My practice is largely built on word-of-mouth and personal referrals so I’m honoured to be able to share some of my  clients’ success stories and feedback with you.

L.N. 23 years old Marketing

Trying to find a good doctor that would put me on the right path to naturally curing my hormonal acne wasn’t easy at all, but once I found Dr. Terry I looked no further. She really took the time to understand me and tailor a plan that perfectly suits me. Now, thanks to her, I have seen incredible improvements to both my face and back in just a matter of months.

M.K. 45 years old marketing manager

A big thank you to Dr Terry because she really has taken years off my face!

The improvement has been significant and everyone has commented how “well rested” I look!

J.F. 30 years old manager

“I absolutely love the results of my under-eye treatment! My boyfriend noticed instantly (which is really saying something) – he said I look 5 years younger and healthier! Thank you magical Dr Terry 😊”

S.T. 30 years old mature student

“When looking for practitioners to help with our skin, it can feel like a nightmare trying to find somebody who is good at what they do without breaking the bank. Dr Terry surpasses these expectation, as she treats the skin issue at it’s cause, leading to long term, lasting results. She is such an incredible person to work with, and has a holistic approach to skin care. Earlier this year my skin was covered in acne. Now it is totally clear and I have learnt so much about how to care for my skin, which I will take forward for the rest of my life. Dr Terry is the business! 5 stars.”

D.M. – 56 Works as Wealth Manager

“OMG perfect! I am so pleased with the lip treatment Dr Terry did. It turned out perfect and I wore lippy for the first time in years and years. Dr Terry – please never stop doing what you do!”

J.M. – 29 – Works in HR

I have been seeing Dr Terry for my acne and the results have been amazing.

I looked back at my before pictures and I literally couldn’t believe how far I have come with my skin. Before I had breakouts continuously which could last for weeks. Now my skin is under control and more than manageable. With the education along with the right products those one off pimples are gone within a few days and are no longer cystic nor do they leave scars. I now know my skin so well.

When I first met Dr Terry, I felt very paranoid that everyone I met stared at my acne and judged me, at points I really did hate myself and it felt like the acne would never leave me. Dr Terry explained that it would take some time to clear but it would improve and it really has! People are now complementing me on my skin. I met other dermatologist and none of them seemed to really care. They didn’t want to get to the root / internal cause of my acne and simply wanted to put me on strong medication which I was not comfortable with. Dr Terry actually cares; she asks questions that you don’t really ask yourself when it comes to your diet and skin care, but most importantly she is approachable and welcoming. I highly recommend seeing Dr Terry if you’re concerned about your skin.

S.A. Management Consultant, London

Dr. Terry has been instrumental in helping me turn my life around for the better. When I came to see Dr. Terry for the first time, I was feeling the lowest I have felt in my life. I was a complete mess emotionally and physically.

I felt that Dr. Terry genuinely cared and empathised with what I was going through and even shared her own experiences that she had struggled with in her past. 

She developed a customised plan for me to follow. It attacked all my problem areas: leaky gut, adrenal function, thyroid, candida overgrowth. She was also brutally honest, telling me that if I did not sort out my health issues, chances were that bigger, more serious problems lay ahead. I really needed that wake up call to motivate me to change.

Three months on and I feel like a new person. I am getting stronger, feeling lighter and better, more optimistic and more knowledgeable about what my body needs.

Dr. Terry is incredibly open minded and often says that she is constantly learning from her patients and from reading about new developments. That is so refreshing compared to my experience with other doctors who seem more rigid in their views . I also especially like that Dr. Terry bases her diagnoses not only on clinical tests but pays equal importance on how one feels. In fact, that was her starting point with me.

This is completely lacking in mainstream medical practice, especially when it comes to understanding issues relating to women/hormones as they rely solely on clinical results.

I know I have a long road to recovery ahead, but I feel secure in the knowledge that with Dr. Terry’s guidance, I am going to get there stronger and happier.

Another thing, my appointments with Dr. Terry always end with a genuine, friendly, feel good, hug. Which doctor does that!


Samantha C.

Dr Terry is just wonderful!  Her expertise and skill in what she does is brilliant and I am so happy with my treatment at each visit.  She truly is fantastic at what she does and I feel so very very lucky to have found her.”


Samantha C. 42 years old – Musician

M.C – 32 year old Lawyer

I was always wary of having any aesthetic procedures until meeting the lovely and genuine Dr Terry.

I was 34 when I started to see the lines on my forehead deepen. I had tried various facials, creams/serums to try and soften them, but none seemed to work. I had been considering Botox for a while, but was frightened to take the leap!

When I met Dr Terry, her warm, friendly, but professional manner soon told me I was with the right doctor.  I was nervous for my first treatment but Dr Terry was so gentle and patient with me. I was delighted with the results!  This has given me a fresher, brighter appearance and I have gained so much confidence too.  Botox is something I do to look better, along with a good diet and exercise too! All kinds of women are having Botox, I’m just pleased I took the leap and also found Dr Terry!

M.C. 32 years old Lawyer London


H.T. – 45 years old Marketing Manager

I first went to Dr Terry as I wanted Botox around my eyes and I wanted it to look really natural. Previous Botox tended to over arch my eyebrows . With Dr Terry it is much more natural.

Since then I have had various treatments with Dr Terry from fillers in my cheeks, under my eyes and around my lips. All looking incredibly natural with no downtime.  People give me compliments saying how great I look afterwards. No one thinks for a minute that I have had something done

I find Dr Terry very easy to talk to about any issues that I might have with my face and small changes can give you incredible results. I feel too young for a lower face lift and Dr Terry can do wonders.

For me what is important is to look natural with no down time. That’s what I get from treatments from Dr Terry. I would highly recommend her.

Oh and a young attractive twenty something woman in my department thought I was 35 last week …. If that’s not a confident booster I don’t know what is.

H.T. 45 years old Marketing Manager, London